Nudity, Photography and Us


We like having fun. We like being nude. We like the photographic arts. Why not combine the three?

Some of us have professional lives. We know that there’s nothing wrong with nudity, we know that we’ve found a way to experience the human condition in greater depth and with greater honesty than most people might imagine possible. But we still need to spend most of our lives out there in a society that’s struggling to adapt to modern reality, and some of us would almost certainly be judged unfairly if photos, without context, were to end up in the wrong hands.

The Internet is disrespectful. Respect is at the core of what the Free Body Society is all about. It’s also the polar opposite of what online cesspools such as 4chan are all about. There’s a small but non-negligible chance that our photos would be stolen, manipulated, and re-branded as “amateur voyeur porn” or something like that. So, while we’ll happily post photography by and of KFFBS members who want us to share it, we’ll never pressure our members into being photographed.

It can distract from the message. KFFBS is about doing real things in real space; our online presence is mainly to ensure that anyone who’s potentially interested can find out about us, learn what we’re about, and get in touch. As our friends at YNA recently pointed out, there are already plenty of places where you can find page after page of photos of naked people, with little context or meaning. That’s not what we’re about.

This is not to say we disapprove of photography! Indeed, the “Body Pride” workshops of C.K. Roberts – which we think are just brilliant – use the empowering magic of photography as a key component, and our friends at NYC’s Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society make great use of great images to prove how natural, normal and relaxing these kind of events are. One of our co-founders is a part-time pro photographer, and – like pretty much everyone with access to a camera – most of us have been photographed naked at some point.

But the only images we share here will be those volunteered by our members, with the informed consent of everyone involved.