As of July 2015, KFFBS is shutting down our former online home base at

Instead, we’re going to use this site ( for public news, and a private mailing list on Gmail / Google Calendar for scheduling our events.

Why the change?

– Meetup is expensive, even more so because they bill in USD and the CAD-USD exchange rate is unfavourable. We’d be looking at $160 to $240 to keep their service for another year, which is too high by a factor of three for what the site does.

– Gmail and other popular services tend to dump Meetup’s mass emails in the “Social” junk bin, mixed in with all the you-can-safely-ignore-it stuff from Facebook, Twitter and the like. We’d sometimes ask friends if they were coming tonight and they’d never even seen the invitation.

– We’d hoped that Meetup’s recommendation engine would help people find us, but Meetup just isn’t very popular in our geographic or demographic areas.

Want to join us?

Don’t worry, we’re still active – more so than ever! If you want to join us sometime, send us an email ( and introduce yourself. Our membership guidelines haven’t changed. We want an honest introduction; we want to know what you’re like and why you’re interested in the group. (We don’t just accept every random person who tries to join, for reasons we’ve discussed previously).