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Where we are

It’s right there in our name – Kingston and Frontenac, the heart of Eastern Ontario. We don’t care if you live here, visit here or are just passing through here – say hello, and if it looks like we’re the right thing for you, then join us!

Who can join

It would be really great if we could accept anyone and everyone who wanted to join. That is not, however, possible. Many others have tried it, and it doesn’t create the kind of culture we’re trying to create here. So we have some – well, not rules per se, but guidelines – for membership.

Age – We’re a space where folks in college, just starting their careers, or with young families can feel like they belong. Very few twenty-somethings are comfortable when surrounded by baby-boomer culture. Even fewer are comfortable being naked around older folks, particularly older men. For this reason, we’re generally a bit more careful about adding new members older than their 40s unless they’re personally invited to join.

Attitude – We have very little tolerance for sexism, racism, misogyny or other uncivilized behaviour. If you come in harbouring a bit of that, that’s OK – we’ll try to help you grow out of it. But people who make others uncomfortable or prove to be a negative influence don’t get invited back.

Gender – We really, really don’t want to discriminate based on gender. There are a lot of naturist places and groups that have a strict “no single men” policy, which we really don’t like. But there are also far too many places where women and transgendered people can’t relax or feel comfortable, because of a certain vocal subset of the male population. Our answer, for now, is to allow everyone – regardless of gender – to ask to join, recognizing that we do like to keep the demographics roughly in balance. If you introduce yourself, honestly, in a way that indicates you have some understanding of what we’re about, you’ll probably be accepted. Our “attitude” guideline takes care of the rest.

If you think we’re right for you – and you for us – say hello at and we’ll see you soon!

4 thoughts on “Join Us

  1. Robert

    I appreciate your honesty, but if you dont tolerate discrimination, and 1 agree 110%, why discriminate men over 40..? incompatible with your groups philosophy/I belong to many nudists groups with all ages of both genders,and i am respectful to all


    • Robert, we understand your position, and this was not an easy decision for us. (We will explain more of our rationale for membership restrictions in a post scheduled to go up in a few days.)

      We are a young naturist group, 18-to-late-30s. While we occasionally go to places and join up with events that attract a broader demographic, our purpose is to provide a safe, comfortable space for young folks, and particularly for women in their 20s and 30s – in other words, people who don’t go to existing naturist parks because the culture and demographics are just too different.

      Restricting our membership to our target demographic is not incompatible with our group’s purpose – rather, it is essential to it.


  2. troynbr2

    We invite you to check out (that’s the URL) and specifically and tell us what you think. Attracting a young crowd is every nudist club’s dream and we’d be happy to help spread the word about you to our readers. Think about advertising with us or drop us an email at to discuss submissions or other arrangements regarding a trade in advertising and publicity.


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