About Us


It’s a beautiful day. The conversation is thoughtful and stimulating. The company is cheerful, relaxed and happy. The books are interesting. The water’s wonderfully swimmable. The clothing was long ago stuffed in backpacks somewhere, and nobody’s too eager to get it. The food, drink and laughter are flowing liberally. The return to civilization, at the end of the day, might be a hike through beautiful Shield country, a bike ride along quiet rural roads, a bit of boat time, or a convenient hop by car, bus or ferry.

What We’re About

We’re about new friendships and old, relaxing fun in the sun, and new ideas for open minds. We like intelligent conversation, cutting-edge science and good literature. We like good food and drink, fun and laughter. We like the feel of the sun and breeze on our bodies. We’re about creating a positive, safe and friendly space where you can relax, de-stress and just enjoy being human.

Our core rules: Be respectful, be free of prejudice, be positive. Treat everyone as equals, and embrace diversity.

What We’re Not

We’re not about sex, hookups or the swing scene. We welcome folks with a sex-positive attitude, but if you show up just to get some tail, you’ll be disappointed (and kicked out).

We’re also not about the stereotypical “nudist park” life that might spring to mind when you see “clothing optional”. That’s not how younger folks like us do things – rather, think of the same great beach / pool parties and back-country trips that make up your best summer weekends, only much, much better!

Who We Are

We’re an 18-to-late-30s crowd, a mix of university / college students, young professionals and other ordinary folk from all over Kingston and the surrounding regions.

We try to create a space that’s welcoming and comfortable for everyone. KFFBS is a female-friendly, LGBTQQetc. friendly, no-pressure environment.

We’d love to be completely inclusive and accept anyone and everyone who wants to join. A higher priority, though, is to create a safe and comfortable space. To achieve that, we have to carefully review membership requests, and turn down those who clearly aren’t a good fit for the group. We’re also pretty proactive about dismissing those who cause any kind of trouble, should it ever come to that. We’d prefer the Free Body Society grows slowly while being the unique thing that we want it to be, instead of growing quickly into something completely different.

If you’ve read this far, you’re undoubtedly interested enough to come join us! Drop us a line and introduce yourself – our email is freebodysociety (at) gmail.com – and we’ll see you soon!


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