Your First Clothing-Free Experience (Will Be Great!)


You’ve found your way here, which means you’re at least slightly open to the possibility of a clothing-free experience – even if you’re nervous, or worried, or just not sure yet. Having seen this quite a few times now, I can give a pretty accurate timeline of how it will go for you.

T minus 3 months: So, there are places / groups where everyone’s naked? Is this, like, some kind of strange sex ritual?

T minus 2 months: OK, I think the Internet’s convinced me that this is a real non-creepy thing, but I’m way too (fat / skinny / shy / unattractive) to be naked around other people.

T minus 1 month: There’s a naturist park near my town? OK, maybe – just maybe – I can go, just to see what it’s about, just for a look. Just to say I’ve tried it.

T minus 1 day: Tomorrow, everyone’s going to see me naked. I can do this. I can do this. Really, please believe me, I can do this.

T minus 1 hour: Am I actually about to be naked in front of 50 strangers? I’m terrified! I’m so looking forward to this! I have to chicken out! This is going to be so great!

T minus 10 minutes: Am I lost? Where is this place? Does this one-lane dirt road actually go anywhere? What’s going to happen when I arrive?

T minus 5 minutes: OMG, naked people! This can’t be happening. They’re all going to be staring at me!

T 0: OK, I am going to do this. I’m taking off my clothes now…. I am so nervous about this…. I can’t be doing this….

T plus 30 seconds: So… they aren’t staring at me?

T plus 5 minutes: This actually feels kind of good….

T plus 20 minutes: Oh, right, I’m naked. Did I actually make a big deal of that a few minutes ago?

T plus 1 hour: It’s official, I am never wearing a swimsuit again!

T plus 2 hours: Why, oh why, did it take me so long to try this? I should have started years ago!

T plus 3 hours: These are some of the coolest people I’ve ever met. I think one of them’s a janitor and one’s a CEO, but I don’t remember which is which.

T plus 6 hours: The sun’s going down and it’s getting cold, but I am NOT getting dressed yet.

T plus 8 hours: Clothing feels so freaking weird. What’s with all this chafing?

T plus 24 hours: Can we go back again today?

The hardest part is psyching yourself up to the point where you say “OK, I’m doing this”. Everything after that is easy. Seriously, just try it!

Posted by Matt of KFFBS


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