Favourite Nude Places: Patricia Beach, Manitoba


Canada has 9.98 million square kilometres of land and only 35 million people. There are bound to be a lot of nice, remote, natural places where nude is just the best way to be.

Panorama of the view north across Lake Winnipeg from Patricia Beach

Patricia Beach, Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba. One of our favourite places to hang out – too bad it’s 2300 km away!

One we discovered a few years ago is Patricia Beach on the south shore of Lake Winnipeg. It’s not a formal government-sanctioned nude beach (there are only two of those in the country) but, by long-standing tradition and the tacit approval of the local authorities, proper beach attire (i.e. nudity) is very much OK here.

Patricia Beach attracts a mixed-gender, mixed-age crowd, although (like most naturist sites) it was, at the time of our visit, predominantly a middle-aged demographic. It seems to be a fairly quiet, relaxed place with no stereos, no vendors, and no crowds. If you’ve never tried a nude beach before, and are perhaps struggling with hang-ups or worries about it, this is the perfect place to wash all those worries away. Manitobans are, almost without fail, a universally pleasant culture – even more so when nude. We felt right at home here within minutes, and had a very hard time bringing ourselves to get dressed and leave when dinnertime rolled around.

The place was teeming with wildlife. Frogs, tadpoles, fish, minnows – this waterfront is ALIVE, and vibrantly so. Call it a “naturist naturalist’s dream” and you wouldn’t be far off the mark.

Canada could do a lot worse than to treat Patricia Beach as the model for how a public beach should be run.

We’d be very curious to hear from folks who have been there more recently. It’s been three years since our last visit; the 2300 km drive from Kingston is a wee bit too long for a weekend jaunt.


Point your map at Patricia Beach Provincial Park, Manitoba. Prov. Rd. 319 (a gravel road off MB-59, just south of Stead Rd) ends at a parking lot in the provincial park. The beaches near the lot are textile and crowded. You want to head east (right) along either the service lane or the beach. At the end of the service lane, or after the driftwood piles, stuff your clothes in your bag and keep on going. East of here – including the beach, the channel, and Beaconia on the other side – nudity is the norm.


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